Adobe have today announced that Photoshop Lightroom 5 is now available in a public beta mode for both Mac and Windows-based users, with a ton of new features, the beta is available to download for free until its final release, which is expected later this year.

New features include:

· Advanced Healing Brush allows customers to heal imperfections and remove distracting elements

· Upright tool analyzes an image to automatically level horizons and straighten objects like buildings to correct a keystone effect

· Radial Gradient tool creates off-center or multiple vignette effects

· Smart Previews allow customers to edit images without needing the original raw file

· Video slideshow enables customers to combine still images, video clips and music in a creative HD slideshow

· Upgrades to the Book module enhancing the ability to create, customize and order elegant photo books using a variety of tailored templates

During the beta, Adobe wants users to provide feedback and comments on the application through its community forums, which Adobe will look at and include in future updates if they see fit.

You can download the app on Adobe’s website, after which users can submit feedback on their dedicated feedback site, 

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