Adobe has just announced a released a new update to their  Reader app that adds new cloud support, allowing users to automatically backup their files to and sync them across various devices.

This is of course, completely cross-platform meaning the user can easily edit a file on their phone   and then continue writing it on their PC or tablet, however this is nothing new and is one feature I have been using for months now.

So whats so different about the Adobe Reader app? Well nothing really but thankfully that’s not the only feature for us to talk about, as Adobe have also made it easier to highlight text within the app, as well as enabling the watermark function which is similar to the desktop app and allows you to simply and easily secure your documents.

PDF printing has also been improved in the iOS version that allows the app to print any and all of the tweaks or amendments you may have made to the document.

The update is available n Android’s Google Play Store from today and will be launching on iOS shortly after.

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