If you have some old equipment then you might not have wireless connectivity, however, today a new device called AirLink was launched on Indiegogo that will allow you to add wireless capabilities to your older devices.

This allows you to add Bluetooth to those devices and then stream 24-bit high-resoliution sound to all of your speakers, no matter the age.

They explained more about it with the following:

Empowered with 24bit audio codec for optimal sound quality, together echo cancellation and noise reduction, AirLink lets you enjoy music wirelessly with any audio device – even with the ones without Bluetooth connectivity. Now you can get a most valuable added product at half the price of the market on Indiegogo today.

iPhone 7 will set the trend by ditching the headphone jack, and so will your Android phones. But your favorite wired headphones do not have to be useless. Besides, Airlink lets you enjoy the music and make calls while charging the phone. Streaming music from non-Bluetooth audio devices, AirLink is your ideal companion to play music more easily. From your wired headphones to your car or home stereos, you can also enjoy the wireless audio system for hands-free calls so that you do your tasks without distractions.

Check out the video below for a quick look at AirLink and be sure to hit up the source link below that to find out more and to back the project if you are interested.

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