An interesting product recently launched on Kickstarter, called the Aivvy Q headphones, the wireless headphones have often been described as the Spotify or Pandora of headphones.

The reason for that description is because they use their own dedicated streaming service called Aivvy Cloud, this allows the headphones to deliver a personalised stream of music to the headphones.

This audio is also streaming in a CD or higher quality with a minimum bit rate of 320Kbps all the way up to 1411Kbps.

The wearer of the headphones can then personalise this music with the headphones themselves, using the ear-cup mounted controls to bookmark music recommendations by liking or disliking played music, and to add to that the recommendation engine will also make note of where and when the song is favoured

This means that the Aivvy Q can be a completely independent music player, but will need to be connected to a mobile app to set-up the device. The headphones can also be used as an ordinary pair of headphones.

On top of all that the headphones also have 32GB of in-built storage for offline caching of bookmarked and recommended songs, but this can also be used to store your own music.

You can find out more about the headphones at the source link below, they are looking for a $249 minimum pledge for the price of an Aivvy Q unit and a one-year subscription to the Aivvy Cloud service.

Source: Kickstarter

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