After announcing its new smartphone, Alcatel has today announced their new smartwatch that has simply been named Watch.

From the looks of things “Watch” has been designed to be a budget Apple Watch, whilst featuring elements from Motorola’s Moto 360.

Alcatel say that the smart watch will be available at a “fraction of the cost of competitors”, however it has yet to reveal any specifics on the pricing, availability or the hardware of the watch.

Much like the PIXI 3, we will just have to wait for all those details to be revealed during CES 2015 or later.

Looking at the images we can however make some presumptions, first of which is that it looks to feature a round faced design, this is then joined with what looks to be features for health applications, a heart rate monitor and the ability to receive notifications from a smartphone.

It also looks as though the watch might be available in a number of styles, and even with various straps.

For all the official stuff make sure to head back here next week.

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