One feature that Amazon’s Alexa has been missing since launch is the ability to command it to set a specific colour option for your smart lighting, it’s a feature that I found myself missing when I set up the system but finally, it has been added.

As of today, Amazon Alexa is able to control the specific colour of your Philips, TP-LInk Kasa, and LiFi Labs LIFX bulbs via your voice, along with the previously existing dimming controls and on/off controls.

With this integration, you can now change your lighting to a specific colour by saying something along the lines of “Alexa, set the living room light to green” and Alexa will obey. You can also control the warmth of those colour options with a command like “Alexa, make the hallway cooler”.

Of course, these will depend on the smart bulbs that you are using and how you have set it up.

If you already have the Alexa skill installed for your smart bulb system on Alexa then you should find that Alexa has all of these features as of today, otherwise, you can download your respective skill from the Amazon Skill store from within the Alexa app.

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