Algoriddim the app designers behind the hit DJ application coincidentally named djay, may soon be known for more than their djing applications, as they finally released the iPhone and iPod Touch version of their vjay app yesterday, before which was only available on the iPad.

The app itself allows you to create video mashups ready to share with the world, as mentioned before you now don’t even need an iPad to do so as anyone with an iPhone 5, iPhone 4S or the new iPod Touch can mix their videos, add soundtracks to the background  all of which can be taken from the iPhone’s video library.

Once selected the app also includes some cool special effects that are just dying to be added to your shots.

But that’s not all as the app can even integrate directly with the native iTunes Store application and allow users to browse, search, preview and purchase music videos to remix within the app, and if you like there’s also some pretty extensive social sharing features that allow you to share your work with the world, be it via Facebook or even YouTube.

As the app has been designed with the iPhones 16:9 aspect ratio in mind, video playback looks great too, and can even be played via an Apple TV or by using a HDMI adapter.

T he application on the iPad will normally set you back £6.99, but currently the app is on sale for a limited time in order to celebrate and can be purchased for just £2.99, same goes for thee iPhone version of the app which is currently a tiny 69 pence, however I’m not sure how much this will go up to after the celebration period ends.

To find out more information, check out the source link and video demo video below, hit us up in the comments too if there’s anything you need or think about all this.

[jwplayer mediaid=”18901″]

Source: Algoriddim

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