Alienware has today announced an entire product relaunch for its 14, 17 and 18 inch laptops, all of which now includes the next-gen Intel Haswell processors as well as the new NVIDIA 7-series GPU.

Alongside which they also feature a brushed aluminium clamshell design with integrated lighting, available in both black and silver.

In terms of specs, the 14 inch model includes a 1080p LED display, Intel Core i7 processor, with Alienware overclocking, the choice of a GTX 750M GPU with 1GB of video RAM, or a 2GB GTX 765M, in terms of storage, there’s the choice of either a 512GB SSD, 750GB HD or a 256GB SSD with a 750GB HD, RAM is available in either 8GB or 16GB variations.

The 14 will go on sale on 11 June for £1099.

The 17’s spec list includes up to 32GB of RAM, the choice of either the NVIDIA 770M or a 4GB 780M GPU, like every other Alienware laptop you ca also add a Blu-Ray drive. The 17 will also ship on June 11th for £1299.

Last on the list is the M18, which packs an overclocked quad-core i7 4.3 GHz processor, with up to a pair of GTX 780Ms, and will ship on June 11th for £1999.

All of the laptops will also include Klipsch 5.1 speakers, with the option of a in-built 3G modem.

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