Alienware has this week announced the launch of a new product that should bring users of Alienware laptops extra graphics power, called the Alienware Graphics Amplifier it is basically an external dock housing for a separate graphics card that can be used in conjunction with your laptop to provide better graphical power.

To do this the Alienware Graphics Amplifier is equipped with a 460-watt power supply, a PCIe x4 slot for any graphics card with a full-length, dual-width PCIe x16 design that requires up to 375 watts of power.

On the back there’s also 4 x USBO 3.0 ports that can be used to plug in a keyboard, mouse or any other peripherals, and can even allow users to attach up to eight displays too.

At the moment it looks like the Alienware Graphics Amplifier will only work with Alienware made laptops, but if you have one and your interested you can pre-order the GPU dock now for £199 in the UK or $299 in the US.

The Amplifier is expected to begin shipping sometime next month in November 2014, however it will not come with a graphics card, so be sure to order that too.


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