It can be hard to keep up with all of the stuff from Google I/O, even for us.

And since we don’t want to fill the homepage with news from Google, we are going to put all of the smaller announcements into this posts, which will contain all the news that doesn’t really require a full article.

So here’s all the other stuff from Google I/O 2017:

2 billion Android devices

One of the first things that Google announced was that Google’s services now topped out at 1 billion+ users, with YouTube reaching this mark.

They also revealed that Google Drive now has over 800 million users and that there are now 2 billion activated Android devices.

Smart reply Gmail

Removal of obstructions from photos

Google Lens

Google Lens is a set of libraries that can tell you what you are looking at from your smartphone, for example, you can point your phone at a restaurant and your phone will tell you what you are looking at and the information about that restaurant.

It’s pretty cool, but that’s not the coolest thing, it can automatically connect to your WiFi by simply looking at the sticker on the back of your router.

Google Lens ship first in google assistant and photos, they didn’t reveal details about elsewhere.

Google Assistant

Google also announced some changes for the Google Assistant, with the addition of a new translate feature that you will be able to use by looking at an item to auto-translate it.

On top of that, with Google Lens, it will be able to provide suggestions about items in the real world by simply pointing your phone at them.

And to top all of that off, Google are also adding the ability to type to the assistant, rather than only being able to speak to it.

Google Assistant SDK

Google will also be launching an SDK for Google Assistant, allowing third parties to launch their own products with Google Assistant built in, which is pretty awesome news.

Hands free calling from Google Home

Google Home will also be able to call people right from your home, allowing you to start up a call with any of your contacts by saying “Hey Google, call [person]”.

There’s no additional setup, apps, or anything else required.

And it doesn’t even need a smartphone, it will call with a private number, or you can set up a personal number.

And it’s free. Sadly, they only announced a US roll-out so far.

Free Spotify account support

Free Spotify users will soon be able to play music from Google Home, as well as music from Soundcloud and Deezer.

Bluetooth playback support for Google Home.

Automatic Google Photo sharing

Google is adding automatic Google Photos sharing between users, allowing you to get images to multiple people with their new shared libraries feature for their apps and web services.

Photo Books

Google is also launching something called Photo Books that will allow you to make photo books from the best photos on your Google Photos account.

Search for the photos that you want, select them and then add them to your new Photo Book. Select a bunch and Photos will automatically sugges the best ones to include in this book, you can then confirm this and then purchase your new Photo Book from Google.

At the moment, we only know about the US pricing and availablity for this.

360-degree videos from YouTube on your TV

Google Play Protect

Google announced a new Google Play Protect feature for Android during IO17, which will scan the apps that you have installed and make sure that those apps are safe.

The first public beta of Android O is now avaialble

Possibly the biggest announcement about Android is that the beta will be available to download today.

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