At its Xbox Media Briefing at Gamescon Microsoft announced that all pre-orders of the Xbox One will now receive a copy of Fifa 14 free, which is an obvious attempt to boost numbers, despite the fact that the console has sold out.

Fifa 14 is the next-generation sequel to the popular football title, with a ton of new features that make many improvements to how the game plays and feels.

One of those new features is Ultimate Team Legends, which will allow you to add legendary players to your Ultimate Team line-up, players that include the likes of Ruud Gullit and Freddie Ljungberg, who both appeared on stage during the announcement.

FIFA 14 will be available separately from September 27th on the Xbox 360 and PS£, with dates for the Xbox One and PS4 yet to be announced.

For a quick look at Ultimate Team Legends check out the trailer below.

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