An image that claims to be a schematic of the rumored iPhone 8 was posted on Weibo this week, showing a drawing of the smartphone that features label annotations for the supposed components of the smartphone, possibly leaking what the iPhone 8 will feature.

On the schematic, we can see dual front and back cameras, which is pretty interesting, but possibly more interesting is that we can see a Touch ID sensor, which is a rumour that has popped up a few times now, however, we still aren’t very sure about its legitimacy.

The schematic also implies that there will be an OLED display, which could possibly be supplied by Samsung.

But, it there’s is way more than that. We can also see what could be wireless charging on the schematic, which would be a pretty huge design change from Apple, as moving the Touch ID sensor to the back would be.

It also has a power button on the side for yet another change, and the volume buttons, mute switch and SIM card tray are on the bottom left, weird right?

That said, the schematic is in Chinese, however, 9to5mac did label some of the parts which we have added to the image above for, if you want to see the original, we included that below.

You can read more about the leaked schematic at the source link below.

Source: 9to5mac

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