Vodafone has this week confirmed that almost 2,000 Vodafone customers may be at risk of fraud after their personal details were accessed.

Vodafone say that 1,827 customers had their accounts accessed from “an unknown source” between Wednesday and Thursday, with criminals potentially gaining access to their names and some bank details.

Vodafone has insisted that its system have not been breached, stating that its investigation and mitigating actions meant that they could cut the number of customers down to just a “handful of customers, meaning only some had been subject to any fraudulent attempts.

Vodafone have also stated that its security protocols had been “fundamentally effective”, despite criminals being able to potentially access customer names, mobile phone numbers, bank sort codes and the last four digits of their bank account numbers.

They have however confirmed that the details could not be used to access a customers’ bank account, but it could be used for fraud or phishing attempts.

All Vodafone confirmed that all accounts that were affected have been blocked and their banks have been notified in response.

These customers’ accounts have been blocked and affected customers are being contacted directly to assist them with changing their account details.  We have already contacted the banks of affected customers to alert them to the situation and they are following established procedures in order to protect customers. It is not necessary for customers to contact their bank directly to inform them of the incident. We will also be loading customers’ details into the Credit Industry Fraud Avoidance Service (CIFAS) database, which will ensure that bank or mobile operators will make additional checks to avoid fraud.

We will now work with the NCA in their ongoing investigation.

We would like to make clear that only the 1,827 customers who will be notified today have been affected by this incident: no other customers need to be concerned, as the security of our customers’ data continues to one of our highest priorities.

You can read more at Vodafone’s site below.

Source: Vodafone

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