Today Alphabet (the parent company of Google) announced their financial results for Q1 of 2017, revealing a massive increase in earnings from Google to $24.75 billion, which is up 22% from the same quarter last year, which comes from Google’s search ads, display ads, and advertising on YouTube.

Net profit from Google was up to $5.42 billion, which is a 29 percent gain from Q1 2016.

Alphabet split up other revenue into various sections, putting revenues from the Google Pixel and Home devices, along with revenues from the Play Store, enterprise efforts and more within a single section that they named “Other Revenues”.

Revenue within this section was at $3 billion for the quarter, which is up $1 billion from the $2 billion in Other Revenues in the same quarter of last year. They did also reveal that their “Other Bets” section continued to lose revenue in the quarter, reporting a $244 million revenue for Q1 2017 and an operating loss of $855 million.

You can re-watch the action from the financial call that was hosted earlier today below.

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