Over the last week, we have talked about many new smart locks launched on crowdfunding websites, that’s because it’s an important home upgrade, that is currently missing in the market.

If none of the other smart locks we previously featured took your fancy then you might be interested in this one, called Altro, it has been designed to make entering a door easily, whilst keeping that entry secure and connected with other IoT devices.

The creators of the Altro smart lock say that it is unpickable and tamper-proof, allowing you to unlock doors without keys via a connection to smart devices over WiFi and Bluetooth Low Energy, like iOS or Android devices via a companion app.

With that app, you are also able to share temporary keys.

This is all protected by dual layer security, whilst adding an intrusion alarm and status monitoring via the app.

Altro is now looking for backing on Kickstarter, with a $50,000 funding goal, it is offering pre-orders for backers who back $119 or more. You can find out more about it at the source link.

Source: IndieGoGo

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