For some time now Elon Musk and Tesla have been speaking about the safety that a Model S or Model X can provide, and despite the recent issues with Autopilot, they expand that safety to their Autopilot software as well.

Today some footage that was released by the Dutch Tesla Model X owner Frank van Hoesel shows how his Autopilot 8.0 equipped Model X not only predicted an upcoming car crash but was even able to make an emergency stop to avoid a pile-up, before the crash ahead even happened.

This is pretty amazing, as not only did it successfully complete this manoeuvre, it did it in a situation when the human driver would have had their view obscured.

Hoesel’s view was obscured by the vehicle was in front of it, and so a human would not be able to spot the SUV in front of vehicle braking abruptly and causing the car in front of Hoesel’s to smash into its back, but despite that, the Model X was capable of noticing all that and hitting the brakes on his behalf thanks to its radar system which allows it to detect the movements of cars from up to two vehicles ahead.

You can check out the action via the video in the Twitter embed below, but before you do, we would like to not that no-one was seriously harmed from the event, including the drivers in the other cars, or Hoesel himself.

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