It has been a day of acquisition announcements today, with Apple, Nokia and now Amazon announcing new acquisitions into a range of companies.

The most recent of which is Amazon’s, who announced that they had acquired the 3D shoe scanning company named Shoefitr.

The acquisition amount has not been disclosed however.

To give you some background, Shoefitr was founded back in 2010 to allow customers to check whether a shoe will fit them correctly online.

This solves a huge problem for online retailers, who often see returns from customers, with the main reason being that the show doesn’t fit correctly.

Shoefitr aims to remove this issue by scanning the inside of the shoe and then show the shopper how shoes will fit them, and recommend the best size, Shoefitr says that the technology is even accurate enough to measure the thickness of human hair.

Shoefitr than use this date to show these recommendations.

Here’s a demonstration video to explain further.

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