Amazon has today announced that it will now be offering the option for deliveries on Sunday for its Prime customers in both the US and the UK, kicking off in Los Angeles and New York, the service will be provided in partnership with the US Postal Service, who will be allowing for more deliveries in other cities soon, with Amazon stating that they plan to add Dallas, Houston, New Orleans, Phoenix, and more cities by 2014.

This extra day will allow Prime customers to order products on a Friday and then receive it on the Sunday, instead of waiting till Monday like they would currently have to, however for the privilege the customer will have to pay for a Prime subscription costing $79 a year.

However for that you do get unlimited and free two-day shipping on a range of products, as well as this new Sunday delivery service.

The Wall Street Journal have also reported that people who live in London, UK will also be able to access the service later this month, however this is yet to be confirmed by Amazon.

Source: The Wall Street Journal

Image Via: The Guardian

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