Today Amazon announced the launch of a new version for Amazon Alexa that people have been waiting a long time for, the ability for Amazon Alexa to recognise different voices.

From today, Amazon Alexa will be able to detect your voice and then use that to recognise who is talking to it and use that for customised responses to questions. Amazon says that the feature won’t be rolled out to everyone right away, however, it will be rolled out to a number of Amazon’s Alexa devices soon according to the company.

Once you get it you will be able to get it set up by heading into the settings and then selecting the ‘Your Voice’ option. From here, you can set up a range of demo commands to get started.

From here you will need to voice train Alexa.

This process is pretty simple, select whether you are using an Echo, Echo Dot, or an Echo Show and then read out the 10 sample phrases.

Once one person has done that, you will have to repeat the process with everyone in your home.

You can check out Amazon’s help page below for more information.

Source Amazon

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