Today Amazon announced that they will be bringing their Amazon Alexa voice assistant to the iPhone, allowing you to use the same Alexa system that you can use on devices like the Echo, but on the iPhone.

This means that you can get Alexa to stream books from your Kindle Library, music from Prime Music or Amazon Music Unlimited, or the music that you have purchased and added to your Amazon Music library.

You can also stream playlists, stations, and up to two million songs for free as long as you are a Prime member.

To top that off, Alexa will also be able to answer you questions about pretty much anything from measurements to calculations to sports and much more.

Amazon has said that they will be adding the Alexa system to the main Amazon app in the US from today, with the aim of rolling it out to all users by next week.

We haven’t heard about other regions yet, however, the source link below will let you know more.

Source: Amazon

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