Today Amazon announced that they will be bringing a major new feature to their Amazon Alexa personal assistant, revealing that the assistant will soon be getting notifications.

Notifications for Alexa will bring a feature that users have waited for a long time now, allowing developers to provide users of their Alexa Skills with notifications.

This will mean that they will be able to push information to your phone right from Alexa.

Amazon explained more about it:

Soon customers will be able to enable notifications for select skills and shopping updates on most devices with Alexa. Companies like AccuWeather, The Washington Post, Just Eat, and Life360 will be among the first to update their skills with notifications, giving Alexa the capability to alert customers with information that’s important to them.

When available, users will be able to opt-in to notifications per skill using the Amazon Alexa App and will be alerted when there’s new information to retrieve by a chime and a pulsing green light on their Amazon Echo, Echo Dot, or Echo Show device. When users enable notifications on a skill like The Washington Post, the skill will send status updates to the device. Users can simply ask, “Alexa, what did I miss?” or “Alexa, what are my notifications?” and Alexa will inform users of the latest breaking news. All skills require users to opt-in before they’ll send alerts to any device. Customers can also disable notifications for skills or suppress notifications temporarily by putting devices in Do Not Disturb mode by voice or through the Amazon Alexa App.

You can read more about this new feature at the source link below.

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