Amazon has today announced a new developer tool to allow their app developers to build support into their apps for sharing content direct from a user’s mobile device to the Amazon Fire TV.

Called Fling, the new feature is specifically designed to allow Amazon to take on both Google Cast and Apple AirPlay, two rival services that are already well established.

In terms of its functionality it is pretty much the same as what you are used to with Cast or AirPlay, however Amazon’s SDK will not only work with the devices that run Fire OS but also iOS and Android.

Amazon explains more:

The Amazon Fling SDK is a cross-platform toolkit that enables mobile developers to build rich multi-screen experiences with Amazon Fire TV. The SDK allows sending video, audio and images from iOS, Android or Fire OS mobile apps to Amazon Fire TV. With our SDK, you can “fling” media content to Amazon Fire TV and leverage two-way communication between Amazon Fire TV and mobile apps to create engaging second screen experiences.

The SDK is flexible, open and provides a new way to get your app on Amazon Fire TV. You can easily convert existing casting app to fling content to Amazon Fire TV. The SDK is designed to simplify the process of dealing with underlying network discovery and communication technologies that connect apps to TV. The SDK offers a standardized way to communicate between your apps over a local network allowing you to focus on building new and unique user experiences.


There are already some apps that have been fitted with the new Fling features, including Karaoke Party and Rivet Radio, however for now that’s just about it, we do expect to see more apps coming soon.

You can find out more about Fling at the source link below.

Source: Amazon

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