Yes the rumours were true, Amazon has announced their newest Kindle Paperwhite eReader, which comes with a new front-lit display, tweaked for reading in the dark, alongside it the display also has a capacitive touchscreen.

According to Amazon that screen has 25 percent more contrast than Pearl displays a 62 percent higher resolution with 212ppi. The device comes in at a 8.1mm thick an includes a battery that can last for up to eight weeks.

There are some other new changes within the Paperwhite too, the first is the lack of buttons, which means the new tweaked interface will now e controlled completely with the touchscreen, within the new UI Amazon have made fonts more detailed within the added ability to control the brightness of the display with a slider, the new software will also measure your reading speed and let you know how long it would take you to finish reading a chapter.

The Paperwhite will be available for $199 for the WiFi only version and $179 for the 3G, both of which will begin shipping on October 1st.

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