Have you ever been walking down the street and thought to yourself, my mobile phone needs some airbags? Well according to patient filling Amazon patented a new design to deploy tiny airbags from a mobile phone should it fall to stop any damages.

The patent has a sort of wacky professor fell to it, with the patent even suggesting a laser or radar could be edited to determine distance between the phone and ground during a fall, other suggestions include deploying springs from the casing of the phone, and even a gyroscope of compressed air jets, basically making the phone fly (which does sound pretty cool).

The patent also describes a method for “determining if a risk of damage to the portable device from the impact exceeds a damage threshold; when the risk of damage to the portable device exceeds the damage threshold: altering the orientation of the portable device such that the air bag first impacts the surface; and deploying the airbag prior to impact with the surface.”

In case you’re wondering who the wacky professor is, the invention was credited to Mr Bezos and Amazon’s Vice President Greg Heart but the patent has not yet been granted, I am not to sure if it will.

What do you think? A cool idea? Or just a very weird one?

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