For some time now, Amazon has been planning to make deliveries via drones with a service named Amazon Prime Air.

This week the company announced that they have completed their first delivery by drone in the UK. They delivered it to its destination in Cambridge, just 13 minutes after it was originally ordered.

They also released a video of the process, which showed the hole process of the delivery from lift off to delivery, showing the electrically powered drone flying at up to 400 feet to its destination.

This comes as part of their tests for the Amazon Air service.

The delivery took place on December 7th, however, it wasn’t revealed until today (December 14th). It was delivered in Cambridge due to the fact that Amazon’s Cambridge fulfilment centre is the home to the companies drones.

The whole process includes the ordered package being loaded on board, and then the flight proceeds with its automated track all the way to the launch area, all guided by GPS to its destination, with the capability of carrying items that weigh up to 5lbs to this destination.

Amazon aims to use this service to make deliveries within the first 30 minutes, however, it is not available to all users right now, that said, it will be expanded to customers who live close to the warehouse over the coming months.

It’s very interesting and it should change the way deliveries are made in the future, you can find out more at the source link below, where you can also watch the videos of the recent UK delivery.

Source: Amazon

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