Amazon has today introduced two new devices to extend their Alexa devices, unveiling both the Amazon Echo Dot and the Amazon Tap to bring more use cases to the platform.

The Echo Dot is the smallest of the bunch, sized and shaped at about the same as a puck, it can sit pretty much anywhere on your desk or within your home.

To make it this small, it doesn’t have its own speaker, however, you can fix this by plugging it into any existing speaker, or using a Bluetooth connection to connect to a set of portable speakers.

It is still capable of providing information like weather, traffic or answers to questions, it is available for $89.99 for Amazon Prime members, however, it can only be ordered using Alexa Voice shopping.

Amazon Tap

The second device, Amazon Tap is a more portable version of the Echo, but unlike the Dot, it has its own speaker, so it can be taken pretty much anywhere that you want to go.

Because it is so portable, Amazon has cut off the voice-enabled interactions, so you need to tap it to ask a question.

Inside it has a inbuilt battery that is said to provide up to 9 hours of playback, and can connect to Wi-Fi connections to allow you to stream music from a range of music services.

It will be released on March 31st for $129.99.

You can find out more about both devices at the source link.
Source: Amazon
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