For some time now the Amazon Echo Dot has had a huge advantage over it’s bigger sister, the ability to connect to any Bluetooth speaker to expand its sound, but from today, that advantage will be equal as Amazon has added support for connecting to a Bluetooth speaker from you Echo.

This allows you to get a bit more out of the sound of your Echo, using your existing Bluetooth speaker setup for great sound from what is already a pretty good device for listening to music from the cloud.

Here’s how to get started:

Connect to your speaker

  • Amazon recommends that you first place your Bluetooth speaker at least 3 foot away from the Echo in order to make sure that Alexa can hear your commands, they also suggest a line of speakers that have been certified for use with the Echo, which you can find here. That said, pretty much any Bluetooth speaker should work.
  • Now make sure that any previously connected Bluetooth devices have been disconnected from the Echo.
  • Turn on the pairing mode by saying “Alexa, Pair”, or by heading to the app.
    • From the app select Settings.
    • Now select the device that you want to pair a speaker with, hit Bluetooth and then finally Pair a New Device.
    • Once your Echo finds the Bluetooth speaker it will appear in the list of available connections, select it to pair.
  • If you have done the last step correctly, Alexa will let you know.
  • From here you are ready to jam out.
  • You can connect to this speaker, as long as it was the last connected device at any point by saying “Alexa, connect.”
  • You can also disconnect from it at anytime by saying “Alexa, disconnect”, or by simply disabling the Bluetooth on your speaker or by turning your speaker off.

You can find out more information on Amazon’s Help page.

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