Today Amazon announced that their Amazon FreeTime application, the child-friendly content portal, has launched on the Google Play Store, making it available for download on Android phones and tablets.

This comes after Google launched the app on their own Fire and Fire Kids edition tablets and it marks the first time that Amazon has launched it on mobile or on a device other than their own.

In case you don’t already know, FreeTime is an app that has been designed to allow you to provide content to your children, without the fear of them going into the wrong areas of the internet.

It provides you with access to a vetted selection of over 40,000 YouTube videos and a number of hand-selected websites, along with the ability to take advantage of extensive parental controls, with everything on the app designed to be age appropriate.

And the parent can also personally select books, videos, apps, and games for the child to watch.

To top that off, there’s also a Learn First feature that hides selected content until daily education goals have been met, as well as a Bedtime feature that will prevent access to the app at night.

At the moment Amazon FreeTime for Android is only available in the US, however, we will be looking out for a UK release date.

Amazon will also be offering FreeTIme Unlimited to those in the UK for $2.99/month that provides access to extra content that includes Disney, Nickelodeon, Amazon Studios, PBS Kids, HarperCollins and Simon&Schuster.

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