Google’s Chromecast has become quite popular over the last few months, and to feed of that popularity, Amazon has today launched their own version called Fire TV.

However it does have some major differences over Chromecast, being a full Android-powered device, it uses a quad-core processor with 2GB of RAM and the Amazon ecosystem, alongside which it’s incredibly slim.

There’s also a few ports on the back of the device, allowing you to plug in a HDMI cable, optical audio cable and an Ethernet cable.

To get content, Fire TV uses both Android and HDMi, launching with both Hulu and Prime, it has been made to work with a number of providers including Netflix, Plex and NBA Gametime, with more soon to come shortly after.

Fire TV can also content to other Amazon service, such Amazon Cloud Drive, allowing you to view photos and other stored content.

Content can be controlled using the included remote, or via voice control, which works by using a microphone that has been embedded into the remote. Once a voice command has been giving it will be sent to the Amazon Cloud after which it will decipher it and give you a response.

On top of all of this, Fire Tv will also work with a controller, allowing users to play games on their TV, of course it won’t be able to play games that you normally would play on a console, but will be able to play those which you would normally find on the Google Play Store.

Fire TV is available today for $99 in the US.

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