Today Amazon sent out an invite for a UK-based press event that will be hosted on September 14th in London.

We can only see a dark blue background with a light blue halo effect at the top, so the invite doesn’t reveal too much, however, that light blue halo effect could hint at the Amazon Echo, which has a light blue light along the top.

It has long been rumored that Amazon would launch the Alexa-powered assistant in the UK, which has not yet made it across the pond, and this effect could be the possible announcement date for that.

That said it’s possible that it has nothing to do with Amazon Echo at all.

They could be refreshing their line of Fire tablets, revealing the launch of a new set-top box, or even revealing more details about Clarkson’s, Hammond’s, and May’s new show called The Grand Tour.

We will let you know about the full details as soon as we hear more.

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