Amazon has this week announced an extension to its Prime service in the UK, providing same-day delivery in the UK for those who subscribe to Amazon Prime in the UK,

At the moment it’s only available in some areas of the UK, currently only covering Greater London and parts of Hertfordshire and Berkshire, you also need to pay the £79 annual membership fee for Prime.

But if you do meet all of those requirements you will qualify for same-day delivery, allowing you to get packages delivered to your home between 6PM and 10PM, but only for certain goods or products, with only a million same-day eligible products currently available.

This service is different from the recently announced Prime Now service, which is a one-hour delivery service that is available to Prime subscribers at the extra cost of £6.99 to those who live within selected London and Birmingham postcodes.

There’s also another two-hour delivery slot that gets you package home between 8AM and midnight the same day.

If you do not subscribe to Amazon Prime you will still be able to access same-day delivery, priced at £9.99 per order for those who don’t subscribe.

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