For some time now Amazon has been offering its own grocery delivery service in the US, but it didn’t make its way across the pond, however that has all changed today, Amazon has launched a new service catered to the UK called Amazon Pantry.

Available exclusively to subscribers of Amazon Prime, the service will allow user to set up daily deliveries of items you want.

All of which comes from a catalog over 4,000 at the time of writing.

Amazon explains more:

Amazon Pantry has been  designed to take the heavy lifting out of replenishing the often bulky basics  and store cupboard essentials that people need every day,” said Helene  Parthenay,Amazon Pantry Manager at “We’re always looking to  innovate on behalf of our customers and find ways to save them time and money.  We think they will love the broad selection, quick delivery and low prices of Amazon Pantry.”

With Amazon Pantry, Amazon  also offers curated lists to help customers find what they need for occasions  and activities such as parties, a new baby, a weekend away, a night in and the  morning routine. Customers can also fill and send Amazon Pantry boxes to family  and friends.

You can find out more about this new service at the source link below, where you can set the service up today, there is a delivery charge of £2.99 for the first box and 99p for each additional box.

Source: Amazon Pantry

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