Some might have thought that Amazon’s Prime Air project was a joke when it was announced some time ago, but exactly two years after that date Amazon has shown its commitment to the project by showing off a brand new design for the Amazon Prime Air drone.

“This design enables it to fly long distances efficiently and go straight up and down in a safe, agile way. It is one of many prototype vehicles we have developed,” an Amazon spokesperson told us. “One day, seeing Prime Air vehicles will be as normal as seeing mail trucks on th

Revealed in a new video moderated by the ex-Top Gear host Jeremy Clarkson, the company explains the new design and how it will help you gain a better experience.

One of the biggest changes is the new hybrid design, as well as the increase in size of the drone itself. But it does a little more than that, no longer a quadcopter like the previous iteration, it can not only take off and land vertically, but also fly in a horizontal flight mode, which makes it more efficient.

Amazon says that with this new design they are able to provide coverage of over 15 miles at 55 mph.

And this won’t be the only drone, in the video Clarkson confirmed that Amazon would be working on a range of drones for use in different environments and purposes, all of which will still feature degree of sense and avoid technology, allowing it to scan the area to look for a landing spot, mainly looking for a marker that the customer will place in their garden.

And with this hybrid design they would be able to tweak how the drone works according to where Amazon wishes to use it.

So it seems that you might be seeing a drone deliver your package instead of a postman very soon.

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