Today Amazon launched a brand new device that they hope will make checking out your outfit and making sure it is fashionable easy.

Called the Amazon Echo Look, it is a new e-marketplace that uses a combination of a smart speaker and a camera, along with Amazon’s digital assistant, Alexa to help you stay fashionable.

It can do pretty much everything that the normal version of Amazon Echo can do, including controlling your home, or tracking and placing Amazon orders.

But on top of that, Echo Look features an integrated camera that features a four-LED flash that is used to take pictures and videos, which you will use to keep track of your style.

It is also mountable via a standard tripod socket, so you can bring it with you to a range of events, including fashion shoots. This is all for styling and pretty much only that.

It can help you track your outfit trends and keep note of the looks that you want to go back to and have previously worn, but it won’t help you track your home’s security.

Pictures that you have taken with Echo Look will be sent to the smart device that you have linked to it, from which, you will be able to interact with the photos and check the outfits that you had on in the photo.

Amazon has also included a Style Check feature that will suggest other outfits that have been choosing using algorithms and Amazon’s “team of experienced fashion specialists.”

it is available for $199.99 which is pretty pricey, however, Amazon is only allowing people to purchase the Echo Look on an invite-only basis right now.

You can find out more about it at the source link below.

Source: Amazon

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