We have seen a number of Alexa-compatible devices since Amazon first unveiled the Echo, from speakers to thermostats, there are a lot of products out there with Amazon Alexa integration, and today there is one more, the Amazon Echo Show.

This device has been rumoured for some time now and is basically a version of the Amazon Echo but with a screen and a larger body. That said, it’s not all screen.

Like the Echo, it can control the smart home devices around you home and answer your question but unlike the standard Echo, it will show you this information right on the screen, allowing you to view flash briefings in a video format, watch YouTube videos, see lyrics from the music that you are playing, view photos, check the weather, look at your to-do and shopping lists, check security cameras and much more.

To top that off, Amazon has designed Echo Show to be great for video calling and so they built Dolby-powered speakers into it, alongside a total of eight microphones.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Echo Show will only be available in the US at launch, where it will is available to pre-order today and will ship to from June 28th for $229.99.

Of course, we will be sure to update you should we hear more about other availability or pricing, especially relating to the UK.

In the meantime, you can find out more about it at the source link below.

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