Today Amazon announced a number of new devices during a suprise event, revealing a few new smart home devices that are set to be launched over the next year.

To kick things off, they revealed an all new version of their Echo speaker, which will replace the previous version with a new smaller, fabric design that comes with Dolby sound integrated and a set of new far-field microphones for better quality.

But it’s not just fabric designs that Amazon is offering. They also revealed a set of six swappable shells for this new Amazon Echo, including a wooden one.

And on top of that, with Amazon’s other new device (the Echo Connect), you will be able to receive and make calls from your landline, for free with Echo.

The new Amazon Echo will be priced at $99 in the US and at £89 in the UK. In both places, the smart home speaker is available now.


Alongside the Echo, Amazon unveiled the new larger version of that smart home device.

It is called the Amazon Echo Plus and builds upon the new Amazon Echo with a new, more advanced speaker that has better bass and treble than that Echo for better sound quality and performance.

On top of that, the Plus also has a smart home controller built right into it, allowing it to detect and work alongside devices that use the ZigBee wireless protocol, which is interesting but we would definitely prefer Z-Wave.

On top of that, there’s a new V3 smart home API that provides you with more information about the devices around your home, allowing Echo to see the state of devices around your home, you will also be able to create routines and scenes right from Echo, and all out of the box.

The Echo Plus will cost £139.99 or $149.99 or €149.99 and it is available from today.


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