At CES 2017 this week AMD unveiled a brand new GPU architecture that they have code-named Vega.

The manufacturer claims that it is the “world’s most scalable GPU memory architecture” thanks to its adoption of High Bandwidth Memory 2 or HBM2, which will provide the GPUwith more memory out of a smaller space than what GDDR5 can provide, AMD says that it can offer twice the bandwidth per pin which taking up a 50 percent smaller footprint.

AMD are also including a new high-bandwidth cache controller that has a virtual address space of 512TB.

With this, they aim to provide more memory efficiency that will allow for quicker delivery of game assets when they are called for, which comes alongside a new geometry pipeline, improved load balancing and increased support for shaders. To top this off, AMD has also included their next-generation compute unit, which AMD says will calculate math at a lower level of precision but in turn, much faster, they say that Vega can do 128 32-bit operations per clock, per compute unit, or 512 8-bit operations per clock.

AMD has yet to reveal any information on availability or pricing for the laptop just yet, however, we will let you know as soon as they do.

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