The European Commission has this week made a new ruling that changes the way streaming services will work abroad, which will allow users to access their streaming subscriptions no matter where they are within Europe.

This would mean that you would be able to access live content from services like NOW TV, or on-demand content from services like Netflix not only in the UK, but also across the EU.

We don’t know yet if this would affect services like BBC iPlayer, but Netflix would likely be effected, despite it having different memberships for different countries. Even though Netflix offers different content in different regions.

If that’s the case you can also expect services like Amazon Instant Video, ITV Player and even other EU based services to work.

The BBC has already stated that it would be interested in offering iPlayer live across Europe, however it would need the UK government to pass legislation to included online streaming as part of the license fee.

It would also require users to register to the service.

Netflix and Sky have stated that they are examining the plans.

However before anything can be implemented the European parliament needs to approve the proposals.


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