According to the Reddit user neo5468, Google’s Android Auto now features support for the ‘Ok Google’ command, allowing you to go completely hands-free with the system.

In case you don’t know, Android Auto is basically an expansion of the Android system to your car, allowing you to access smartphone-esk applications in your car.

neo5468 noticed that addition of the ‘Ok Google’ command after updating to the latest Android Search and Auto applications, which now include a toggle to enable ‘Ok Google” commands when you are driving.

If you switch it on you will then be able to use the command, however, it is being rolled out slowly, so it might not work for everyone immediately.

Of course, ‘Ok Google’ is also only available on Nexus, Pixel, Android Wear, and Google Home devices, as well as on some of Google’s iOS and Android apps.

Google revealed that they were working on similar integration at Google I/O 2016, where they showed an integration with a button on the screen or steering wheel.

We haven’t heard anything official about this yet, but if we do we will let you know.

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