One of the best upcoming features of Android N is the new desktop mode, which allows users to manage floating windows on their smartphones and tablets.

Today we got our first look at this desktop mode, tweeted by the SVP of Android, Chrome OS and Play, . This tweet shows off the feature with a task bar and a number of floating windows alongside that.

In this mode, users can move around and resize windows, which should make it easier to multitasking and with a desktop-like experience on a mobile device, particularly useful when plugging your tablet into the big screen.

We can also see a new task bar at the bottom, in which we can see a search icon as well as the apps that are currently open.

On the right, there’s also the status icons for Wi-Fi, time, profile and more.

It also seems like the desktop mode will allow you to plug in a mouse, so we can presume that you will also be able to plug in a keyboard and complete the experience.

Google has previously said that Android N will be available by this summer.

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