We have been hearing about Android O for some time now, which is set to be the latest update to the Android mobile operating system, however, we don’t expect from it actually reaching our devices.

But we do think it is possible that Google will at least hint at it at their Google I/O conference later this year.

But before that time, we are going to round up all of the rumours that we have been hearing about ahead of its official unveiling.

What is it?

Android O is said to be the latest of Google’s regular yearly updates to the Android mobile operating system. It will likely be numbered as Android 8.o as it is coming after Android Nougat, which was labelled as 7.0 when it was first released.

We don’t yet know what the letter O will mean in times of name, however, following on from previously released Android versions, it’s likely that it will be named to match a treat.

Some have even suggested that it could be called Android Oreo.

When will I get it?

If Google does announce Android O during this year’s Android I/O event on May 17th, we would also expect them to be announcing the Developer Preview for this new mobile operating system, however, it’s possible that it won’t actually be released on the day, maybe a week or two later.

We would then expect the system to roll out to users around the world sometime between August and September.

At that time, we would also expect to see some of the latest smartphones to be released alongside it, such as the rumoured Google Pixel 2.

[Update March 21st: Google has just released the developer preview for Android O, revealing some of the features that we mentioned below officially, as well as a few more. Check out this post for more information.]

What will it feature?

We don’t know much about Android O just yet, however, we do have some rumours that have suggested the features of this new update, which we are going to detail for you below.

Copy Less

One feature that we have heard a lot about is something called Copy Less, which is said to allow you to copy text from one app to another easily.

It would work between apps, allowing it to copy data from a range apps such as from Google Maps to WhatsApp. It has also been said that this could be built into the Gboard virtual keyboard app.


Some time ago Apple launched a picture-in-picture feature for the iPad, allowing you to watch content while you are in a different application.

Rumours have suggested the Google will be bringing this to the devices running Android O, expanding it from the mode that they built into Android TV last year in Android N.

This is as according to a 9to5Google article.

App icon badges for active notifications

Another feature that will reportedly be added to Android N from Apple’s iOS is claimed to be new app icon badges, this was reported by 9to5Google, who said that the system will work in a similar way to iOS, showing you a badge on top of an app icon to show how many notifications you have for any given app at a glance.

Improved battery life

9to5Google also claimed that Android O will bring improved battery life features to Android O, with reported plans to reduce the background activity of apps within the Android mobile operating system.

Gesture triggers

According to VentureBeat, Android N will bring a new gesture system in Android O, called Gesture Triggers, it would allow you to make gestures with your finger to trigger actions in Android, such as drawing the letter W to load up WhatsApp.

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