Today Android Police provided what is probably the best view of the 2017 Google Pixel XL that we are going to see before its launch.

According to the site, the image comes from a source who they deem “extremely reliable”, providing it with an 8 out of 10 on their confidence scale, which suggests that this could be an accurate representation of the upcoming smartphone, however, it might not be the final design.

Android Police’s source also stated that the phone will be manufactured by LG as rumoured, featuring a similar design to last year’s Pixel XL. It features a curved back like the last phone with a new placement for the fingerprint scanner that sits below the top portion of the back, interestingly, this top portion does also seem to be smaller than the 2017 version but still made from glass.

You can also see that single and a camera on the top half, which sets next to what looks to be a LED flash.

Around the front we can see the rumoured LG AMOLED display that measures 6-inches across and features a 2:1 aspect ratio, sadly, it’s not bezel less, however, the bezel is quite minimal and the display seems to match with the phone’s curved edges. There’s also a speaker grille at the top alongside the front-facing camera.

But we knew most of that already, what we didn’t know is that apparently the Pixel XL will have a squeezable frame, similar to the HTC U11.

According to Android Police, this will allow users to interact with Google Assistant and other apps with a squeeze, however, there is too much information about this just yet.

As soon as we have the official stuff we will be sure to update you.

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