Google is moving back into the living room, after it failed to launch the Google TV, the company announced at Google I/O that it will reportedly offer a new service called Android TV that is said to reinvent its Google TV service and provide a service that is like no other.

“Baked” into TVs from Sony, Philips and Sharp, Android TV is not another version of the Google Chromecast, and it’s not set to take over from it either. Using Google’s new Android L, Android TV has been designed specifically for the TV, but still to provide a platform that offers a system which will aim to enhance the overall functions of your TV.

As it does run Android, it will also be able to access an app store, where developers can post their own applications that have been designed specifically for the TV, controllable via a d-pad, and designed to offer an easy-to-use experience.

Users will also be able to control apps and the Android TV interface from an Android smartphone or an Android Wear smartwatch, and from the start Google says that Sony, Sharp and Phlips will support the offering in new and current 2014 models, with a few more expected for IFA 2014 in September.

A number of other companies will also be rolling out set-top boxes, all of which is set to launch alongside Android L in autumn.

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