The Evernote application for Android has today received a new update, dubbed Evernote 5, the new app brings a bunch of new features to the service, the most notable being the new Page Camera feature that allows you to easily capture and store an image of your documents within your Evernote account, during this process the app will even remove shadows and boost the contrast.

In order to make this work better however, Evernote have decided to team up with Moleskin, the create the new Smart Notebook which features dots rather than lines on its pages, which allow the app to scan a document with near-perfect quality, as it can recognize where it should be boosting contrast.

The notebook also includes a set of Smart Stickers that allow you to tag notes digitally within the app. The Smart Notebook will cost £16.90 however, so you might want to check you actually need it first, although it does come with three months free of Evernote premium.

The app however, is completely free, available from Google Play now.

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