Today Android Police released an email that they obtained, it was sent out to Android developers from Google and revealed the news that all Android Wear developers have been waiting for, the release date for Android Wear 2.0.

They revealed this in the email where they revealed that Android Wear 2.0 would launch “in early February 2017”, letting developers know prior to its release so that they could update their existing applications.

ZDNet also has backed up the claims from Android Police with their own report, so we would say that the email is likely to be legitimate.

This all comes after Google first unveiled Android Wear 2.0 a few months ago, when they revealed that it would come with its own built-in Play Store, the ability for apps to connect via Wi-Fi instead of requiring a smartphone, a new app launcher, support for complications on watch faces, and much more.

None of this is official just yet, so we will have to update you when we do hear something official, in the meantime, hear’s that email:

Sources: Android PoliceZDNet

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