Google has today revealed some more details on its new Android Wear system ahead of its expected full reveal at Google I/O, releasing a new video that provides an introduction to the OS from a developer advocate at Google named Timothy Jordan, who takes us through some of the features to be included with the smartwatch OS.

Tim reveals some pretty interesting details in the video, showcasing how the OS responds to the users voice and talks back, and even uses a feature called Stacks that will allow the watch to collect notifications but not clutter the screen, showing a +5 icon if there’s more than 5 notifications from an app.

There’s also a feature called Reply, which does exactly what it says on the tin, allowing users to reply to a message by saying the word “reply” and then dictating their message.

Check out the video above, it provides a pretty interesting look at the OS.

We expect that Google will reveal more details on the OS and on the watches that will run it at Google I/O, so make sure to come back for all that when it happens.

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