Google has today announced a brand new feature that attempts to help you keep your Google account more secure.

With this addition, Android devices will now be able to send you a push notification if it notices that someone has logged into your Google account unfamiliar device, thus helping you to manage who is logging into your account and helping you stop anyone fraudulent in their tracks.

These push notifications will pop up on your Android device whenever a new device accesses your account, if you think that login is suspicious then you can tap on the notification, that will then allow you to review the log in and hopefully have enough time to change your password before anything bad happens.

It’s quite a cool feature.

Sadly, it’s not one that everyone will be able access right now, however, at some point it will be rolled out to everyone. Google has stated it might take over two weeks for some people to see the change, but when it does roll out to you it should prove as a decent safeguard.

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