Angel Poring is a new concept puzzle game by Neocyan and involves a hell lot of animals named Porings, within the game there are 700 stages which you must complete by matching the same color Porings in a row.

The aim of the game is to clear a specific number of Porings before the time runs out, but that’s not all, if the Poring entrance is closed for more than 20 times then its game over and you will have to start again.

As you make your way through the stages you will find more obstacles in your way, which in order to get past you must shake your phone to allow the Porings to pass.

Once you have collected enough off one colored Poring you will gain the ability to collect all of the Porings left in that color, which allow you to quickly finish a harder game if you have saved up your combos.

The game also allows you to add your own background to the game and show it as you play, making the game that bit more interactive and customization, at the tenth level of each stage you will also reach an Infinity Stage, which is what it says in the name.

One of the coolest parts to the game is the 2Player battle mode which hasn’t been released in the current version but will feature real soon and allowing you to play the game with another player.

Angel Poring is defiantly one of those games for anyone who enjoys playing games like Bejewled but think it could be cuter, it’s not just cuteness that the game offers however, which some great obstacles along the way making it that bit harder, one thing I would say however is sometimes it can be a bit hard, and I could defiantly see the game getting a bit old after about half way.

I would like to see a bit more level and character development within the game, and think that the addition of a cut scene at the start of the game would help players understand what Porings are.

However for 69p this game is a snatch and is defiantly one to pass the time on those long car journeys, you can download the app for the iPhone or iPad on the iTunes App Store, but it is not yet available on Google Play, which is a second thing I would like to see added.

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