Product Hunt is a website for discovering new cool products and services, we use it a lot here at TechNutty to find some of the coolest gadgets that might not have been featured elsewhere, it’s a fantastic website for that purpose.

Today it was revealed that AngelList also believes that after announcing that they will be acquiring Product Hunt earlier today.

The two companies didn’t reveal details about the acquisition, however, according to reports the deal is for around $20 million.

That said, it has been confirmed that Product Hunt will continue as an independent platform for finding products.

More was explained by AngelList with the following:

AngelList exists to serve the tech companies that are shaping the world. Over 300K companies and 5M people use our network for transactions like fundraising and recruiting. They’ve raised nearly $500M and been introduced to over 325K candidates.

With Product Hunt, we can help companies with their most important transaction: acquiring customers. Companies of all sizes launch products on Product Hunt. Companies like Google, Uber, Instagram, AngelList, Meerkat and Overnight. They love it. And they’ve received over 100M product clicks and views from prospective customers on Product Hunt.

You can find out more about the acquisition at the source link below.

Sources: Recode, Product Hunt, Angel List

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