You may remember the other day the developer of Angry Birds, Rovio teased something Star Wars coming our way, well it seems this is not another game as we thought, and is in fat a number of products which have just leaked on the web.

The first product was leaked on Amazon Germnay who posted a listing for the “Hasbro A2845E24 – SW Angry Birds Jenga Death Star TV1. HJ.” That you can see in the image above and looks to be a new jenga game.

From the package you can see that the Pigs will be dressed as the Empire and the birds are the Revels, with slingshots with designs of X-Wing fighters.

A sort time after the above product leaked, Idle Hands also revealed their own set of images, the first of which seems to be picture of various plush Angry Bird/ Star Wars characters, Chubaka’s my personal favorite.

Next up is a AT-AT Attack Battle Game which features 12 figures which you use to fire at each over.

Last up is some very weird costumes that I’m pretty sure won’t sell at all, but some people like this kind of thing weirdly.


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